Daddy Dane

Anyone that knows me or knows Dane, knows how big of a role he plays in my 3 young boys' lives.  He has been their father figure and has taught them everything that really counts!

He has been the one to teach them all the little things that kids need to learn growing up, like, how to tie their shoes, how to swim, how to ride their bikes...all with patience and diligence; he's been to every heart doctor appointment for Hunter, every art show for Noah, every therapy session for Brody's fear of the wind, every field trip, every teacher conference, and every sporting event or practice, no matter how busy his schedule may have been.

He's been there through everything with us!  Every toothache, every upset tummy in the middle of the night, every fever, all the tears, all the chaos.  He's sat at the emergency room with us -- sometimes for hours, never complaining, always supporting.  He's been there for every school obligation, every new board game, every new toy, and every new adventure that came their way...always eagerly providing them with opportunities, love, and support...unconditionally!

It does not take blood to make a family, and as I always say, "Proof is in the pudding!".  Nobody ever believes we are a "blended" family because they see the amazing bond that Dane has with the kids.  What more could a woman ever want in a "father" for her kids?!  Absolutely NOTHING!  I have been extremely blessed.