Saturday, April 30, 2011

Living Life

No one person sets out and says, “I am going to marry an inmate”. It is not something you plan for. There is no insurance or savings plan for your spouse going to jail.
So when you are in that situation, you feel lost and confused. Forget trying to find anyone who actually understands. You are in a labyrinth of emotions and drowning in debt.
Aside from the confusion and money matters, what hinders you the most? Do you know that it is you? WHAT!!?? Yes. You will hinder yourself from achieving goals and dreams. You will hinder yourself from living life and you won’t even realize it till it’s gone and you can’t get it back.
You see, what I finally realized is that life doesn’t wait for you. You wait for life. Life doesn't just happen. You make it happen. Sure, there are things that are beyond your control. However, if you wait for someday, it may never come. And life is way too short to live with regrets.
Don’t mistake what I am saying, I am not saying leave your husband behind and go on with your life, but don’t stop living it either. Dane is my biggest fan. He wants to see me succeed. And he knows that it doesn’t mean that I do not love him any less, but that these are things I need to do for me. Not anyone else, but me.
So, even if it’s just something simple, like taking a photography class or a yoga class, then DO IT! Don’t make excuses. Find a way. Live life and you will not have regrets and you will not end up resenting your husband/boyfriend because he “held you back”. The only thing stopping you is YOU.  Don't let that take control of things!  

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