Friday, April 29, 2011


For people who didn't know around the time of my Dane's arrest, when they find out that my man is in prison (usually co-workers, who haven't worked there long will see me writing on my break or hear me talking about going to see him)...That one answer: "my boyfriend is in prison" brings out a whole slew of comments, or complete avoidance... I honestly don't mind the avoidance, but I am very happy to say that most people that I have come into contact with are cool with it. Like I always say... it is what it is.

I do think the funniest thing is when people are like "you don't seem like a prison wife"... I'm not exactly sure what a 'prison wife' is suppose to be like. I'm fairly civil, I'm blunt and brutally honest but I try to be nice and kind to everyone. I don't want any more bad karma in my life. I don't have a real record, some traffic offenses and a domestic violence case for spitting. Yeah, you heard me right.  Haha.  And for some reason people want to know about tattoos... I only have one on the back of my neck.  Odd questions I tell ya.

Another favorite... "Oh so I guess we are paying all your bills"...Um excuse me, but no. I work, and pay taxes out of my paychecks... and I make way too much to get anything anyways.  Haha!  My mom watches my kids while I am at work, so I don't have to pay for daycare, another thing I'm eternally grateful for.  So just because my man is in prison doesn't mean you are paying for my bills... but just let me know if you want to!  Lmao.

I usually have to ask them... so if your husband/wife makes a mistake or is in the wrong place at the wrong time, or pisses off the wrong person and ends up in prison... then do your vows and/or commitment mean nothing to you?  I don't know about them but I'm pretty fucking loyal.  And I hate myself for it.  ;-)

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