Friday, March 11, 2011


Tonight, I learned something pretty incredible from someone very special to my heart!  JR's mom interrupted me at the end of our conversation tonight and said "you never say goodbye"... at first, I didn't know what she meant!  I thought she meant I never said goodbye before hanging up with her.  BUT, what she meant was that you shouldn't say "goodbye" when getting off the phone with someone.  Or, maybe it is necessary with certain people!  Hehe...

The term goodbye implies that there is little to no probability of meeting again in the future, as opposed to using the term later, which means you will see or talk to someone at a later moment in time.  Wow, what a touching thing - and coming from her, I will never forget this amongst many other things!  

I always wondered why Dane would say "see ya" or "TTFN" (ta-ta for Tigger!) or something along those lines.  Now I totally understand it!  This is how he was raised, and he has never known any differently... how COOL is THAT?!

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